Animation from Youtube Video- How to Create a Realistic Earth in Blender

Heyho everyone, :wink:

I’m completly new to this software but I have to use it for my study.

I’ve watched a few tutorials about this software and really just know the basics (or some of them).

The problem is my time is runnig for this project and so i thought its the easiest way to ask for help instead of watching more and more videos…

Guess some of you know this youtube video - - and my question is the following:

how did this guy created the animation at the very beginning of this movie? I’ve followed the advices and have created a world “on my own” and now i want to animate it like he did in the video.

Is it just a rotation of the sphere, or is it a special move with the camera? Can you explain me the steps in detail?

Thanks for ur help! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: