Animation goes crazy!!!

Hey guys I`m back again…

I`ve fixed my ATI graphics card problem by installing the old driver version 3.9

But now, that I can really blend away I`ve got a new problem:

I build this really big and complex Spaceship wich contains about a thousand meshes and nurbs and so on.

Now I want to make it move: I select the whole ship with B and do
I lock rotsize…

200 frames later i do the same… on the location I want it to move.

than i look at the animation and inbetween the 1-200 frames it does stuf I don`t want it to do:

It swirles around goes up and down forth and back and at frame 200 it comes back to normal … but inbetween: chaos…

what should I do if I want it to stay a Ship inbetween the locked frames??


Glawie :o

i had the same problem with one of my animations, here’s what you do:

  1. go to the ipo curves screen (just press cntrl+left arrow)

  2. hit A-key untill you have selected all the curves

  3. hit Tab to go into adit mode (all in the curve screen)

  4. press A untill you get all the verticies selected

  5. hit V-key

it should work fine now


PS: almost forgot, if you pushed cntrl-left arrow to get into the ipo curve screen then hit cntrl-right arrow to go back to the way your screen was setup previously

hope i helped


No, what mystery00 said is generally a bad idea because it will make the motion look unrealistic. It sounds like your problem is probably that you’re keyframing all the parts of the ship separate from each other. So, first delete all the keyframes you have by going to the NLA Editor, pressing A until everything is yellow, and pressing X. Now select all the objects that are part of your ship, then select the biggest one, or the one that’ll be easiest to select when you want to, it should turn a slightly brighter pink than all the other selected objects. Now press Ctrl+P. That’ll make the last object you selected the parent of all the other objects you selected, meaning that they’ll follow it wherever it goes. So now just keyframe that one object, and it should work, unless you have a different problem and I misunderstood you.

I usually just select the whole bundle and parent to an empty, then animate the empty.

That’s what I do as well. It’s very convenient because this way, for example, you can change the point of rotation (the empty) very easily.

the empty is a good idea, i agree.