Animation guide suggestions for b-day?

So, my birthday is on December 11th and I am making a birthday list (yes, I still make them each year…). Anyway, I am going to get some animation books and I was wondering
which ones would be best to put on my list, as some of you have probably read these books before (not the Blender physics book or the Mancandy dvd). Below are my ideas.

Also, I am thinking about ordering the new Mancandy FAQ dvd as I need to learn more about animating and rigging in Blender(though that means if I order it, I will probably take off something else for a cheaper order.) That means I will probably just skip the one obscene thing on the dvd.

What are your thoughts on these products? (Even though you haven’t gotten them yet)
Should I go with the Blender physics book or the Mancandy dvd? Should I do a different book instead of the Animator’s Survival Guide?
I just was wondering this as my birthday only comes once a year and I want to put some good items on my list.
Thank you. :smiley:

Wow - well happy birthday on the 11th. I don’t buy techie books 'cause they become obsolete after a few years, and when you buy them, all you use is about 10% of the content anyway.

Animator’s Survival Kit is an excellent choice, and even better, it won’t become obsolete after a few years :ba:

Animators survival kit wont ever become obselete, that book rocks and so many of the pro’s swear by it!

It’s good to know that that book won’t become obsolete.
Thanks for the tips.
I sent in my birthday list with The Illusion of Life, The Animator’s Survival Kit, and
Bugman’s physics book on it (Though that doesn’t come out until February 2008) :(.