animation help needed

heyy i know how to make a simple animation
but this is the situation now:

i made the pose for the first frame nd saved the key frame

but when i rearrange the bones for the second pose nd save the key frame
the pose of the first frame changes as well

could some1 look at my project nd could give me some advice?


firstchara.blend (620 KB)

I don’t understand your “problem”?..
Anyway, it’s better to select ALL bones and insert Rot keys at each changing frame!
Now, if you Rotate/Move the “root” bone and insert keys the other bones will follow!

ill explain it again:

first i pose my chara on the first frame and insert the keys

then i go to the 6th frame and pose my chara in a different way and insert the keys

but now both poses (on the first and the sixth frame) are the same!!!

No, sorry, you’ve made a mistake most probably!
Remember than you must insert Rot keys, most of the time ( only the root bone need Loc keys, sometimes)!

Turn on Auto-key. Also, next time post in the animation section for animation problems.

Your body bone is the only one with a different key.

I guess you forgot to select all changed bones when inserting the keyframe.
This is a common mistake I do from time to time.