Animation help please (action linking to gamecontrols)

Hi everyone,

I have to admit i’m a noob to Blender, but you have to start somewhere don’t ya :-). Through several tutorials i managed to create my 1st character, texture it a bit, rig it lik i wanted to… but now i have come to Action and animation.

I followed a tutorial step by step on how to do it, but in my case my character refuses to move when i link the blocks in the logic editor.

I copied my steps in a new file with a simple cylinder and 3 or 4 bones, actioned it, gave it a Key in the logic editor and, oooh magic, that worked. Repeated the same steps in my character file… nothing, static as the eifel tower :-D.

Now because ths issue go’s way over my head maybe there are some people who can figure out the problem here…

I have put a link to my dropboxfolder where the files are, the one with the longest name is the latest “…_gamecontrols.blend”

If somebody would like to take a look at my file and can tell me what goes wrong i would realy be helped :-D.

Thanks in advance people :wink:
Kind regards

Ok solved it :). Apply or move the subdivision surface down did the trick.