Animation help

Hey, I am pretty new to blender and haven’t gotten to know all functions in the app, I am currently working on an animated film where my character is using the follow path constraint, I have a few frames I want it to stop following my path(which are bezier circles if that is for any help) so that the characters legs stop moving. I haven’t found anything on the web that could help me with the problem, and have been working day in and out to make this, just to end up here. Please help.
Sincerely, Loliolysser.

Instead of having the path animated, move the character along the path’s axis “manually”, that is to move it’s world controller/root bone along the path. I don’t know of any method to stop using the path, but with this method you simply stop the world controller/root bone when the character has reached it’s destination.

In short: Don’t animate the curve.

I get the point, but using the path is way more simplified, and helps making the character move more realistically, it would be easier if I could Know how to stop it from following the path just for a few frames. Thanks for the answer though. I’ll change it if nothing else comes up.

I read this as you want a pause in the animation of the path. I made a mock up.

path-pause.blend (806.2 KB)
path-pause.txt (356 Bytes)

Thank you so much. This helped a lot :+1:

That’s great.