animation help

hey i want to make a simple animation of this project im doing but i have no idea where to start. i tried to look at the blender manual but that thing is so confusing. Something about IPO somethin or whatever, i have no clue.

all i want to do is move the camera, the other obejcts will remain still. i just want the camera to “swoop” around the object

i know some kind of curve needs to be used and i have to track the camera to the curve. i thought i at least got that far last time but im not even sure

heres an example of what i want to achieve (as far as the camera motion, i could never model something that good lol) *** U NEED TO USE DIVX TO WATCH THAT***

any help is appreciated

you can go spacebar>>add>>curve>>path, and parent the camera to the path, or, you can set keyframes. position your camera>>press I>>choose ‘loc rot’>>advance 10 frames>>position camera>>press I>>choose ‘loc rot’>>repeat a few times