Animation hiccups

Hello, I am trying to rework my rig and animations to have a solid base.
Unfortunately, the rig is having some hickups and I can’t tell where this is coming from.
Basically the steering system (consisting of the bar and the depower line) has a copy location constrain to the player and a track to constraint to the kite.
The player has a copy location contrain to the bar, and an IK at his hands, so all the movements from the steering system are translated to the player.
This system works fine but for some reason it is having some strange hickups now and then.
Here’s a video:

Does someone have an idea what could be causing this?

Sometimes ik will choose a solution 180 gegrees off the expected solution, try setting limits up the spine.

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yes, its an IK clipping. I dont know if switching to quaternions helps .

But beside putting limits or stiffness, maybe limit the IK chain not going further than the shoulder and for each of the spine bone, just use a simple “damping track” bone constraint to track the sail.

IK is not good acting like a twisted snake

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