Animation: how to make a hundred frames with a loop in the middle of the video?

The blender has a cool loop function, I use it to rotate something, but I don’t understand how I can do this loop, for example, for a hundred frames in any part of my animation.

Look into the NLA.

What should I see there? I love the answers in google style.

Hmm, this is another thing for which I sometimes want to hate a blender - I just clicked on a piece of animation and something has already happened. I have not clicked on any checkbox, on any slider, button, but something has already happened and I do not see a causal link in this process.

Really no one can tell?

Sorry - that was a little unhelpful…

I’m not going to write a whole tutorial in this box, but basically the NLA (Non-Linear Action Editor) allows you to take an action (short piece of animation) and loop it so many times, fade it into another action, etc. Look up a tutorial.

This is very helpful advice. If I want something obvious, for example, ask what color the blue sky, I will contact you.

How can it happen that copying an animation with two objects works well (In NLA-editor), but with two others (the same, if we talk about the model), the object to which I am trying to copy the animation (Ctrl+L, Animation Data) accepts the exact coordinates of the first (as well as the rotation animation). I need to separate the rotation from the change of coordinates, how can I do this?