animation i BGE doesn't work

Hi, i’m a novice with blender.
I tried create a model and then animated it. It works, I can change pose of this model, but if I started BGE, model was in default position and didn’t move.

I changed parent of model to armature and deleted modifier, but it didn’t solve my problem.

I saw few tutorials about that, but it didn’t help. I tried everything.

I use blender 2.71.

There is blend file. Thx for your Help!

Your character needs an Armature modifier with the armature selected as the modifier object


untitled (3).blend (539 KB)

It works! thank you.

But I don’t understand why… In tutorials, all of them, the modifier is deleted.

I think you must have misinterpreted something because you certainly need the modifier there for any deformation.