Animation: iMac

Hi Guys.

Looking through things I’d made in the past, and found this little animation I made sometime last year.

I thought I’d put it on here, and hear what you think. I know, it’s nothing special, but it was my first blender animation, and I have this thing against Microsoft Windows. Nothing against Dell or anything, it’s just that Microsoft doesn’t make their own computers.

Sorry about the bad quality, it used to be really good, then YouTube made it bad.

I’ll stop talking now, so here it is… iMac animtion

Cheers, Cuby


It’s very nicely composed and put together, but the Dell computer could be there for a bit longer - it’s a bit hard to take in.

haha niceeeee, i would like to see a like battle scene between Linux and Windows haha, Ohhhh the linux penguin vs the windows flag or something to do with windows haha

Thanks ddwagnz. hmmmm, maybe.

No more comments??? I guess it needs alot of improvement?
Ah, well.

hey there fellow kiwi :slight_smile:
no its not so bad
yes the youtube is poor quality and so it is hard to tell but…
your materials may be need just a little work…post a still so we can see how it was in the original
I think the animation itself is pretty good though
keep it up :wink:

Thanks Big Fan. Yeah, I didn’t do much work on the materials, as I made it some time ago, when I knew very little about blender. The materials on the Tower are terrible!

Ok, posted a still at top of page.

hmmm well the model itself looks quite nice and the materials sort of …but sorta not quite…:slight_smile:
I guess you just need to get a bit more experience of using Blender under your belt. I think a little more know how with making the materials appear realistic it would be fine.
I think you are doing very well. I thought the animation had good ideas and came together well :cool: :slight_smile:
Try another project and see how you go.
You might do better justice to your next masterpiece by posting it for download rather than using youtube though.