animation in BGE

hi all.
i made animation :
between 1 and 130. Loop-Stop. when my palyer is at 1, he moves and when he is at 130, he goes back to start position. i made:
i -> location, later again i-> location

what to do, that my player would use Local IPO? becouse he is allways standing in same place, not falling down like dynamic.

if you locked in his location, and say you locked the location while he was in the air, when you start the game, and gravity pulls him down to the floor, once the animation starts, he will go back into the air where you locked the ipo.

I think you are trying to ask how to playback the animation that you made with IPO’s? If so, you need to add an always sensor, add and controller, then an IPO actuator. Set the frame range to be played back and what looping options.

I hope that is what you were asking about. Also, you dont have to use an always sensor, it can be anything. As for the end of your animation and having it go back to the beginning. Blender can do this for you with the loop option.

Since your IPO is set up that way you might notice a hitch when played back in the game engine if you use the looping option in the actuator. Due to the fact that the first and last frame are the same, that motion or position will appear twice in succession possibly resulting in a stutter.

Hope that helps, if not, maybe post a blend at some point and we can fix it.

i mean, i want, that my player would allways move up and down, but he would move force, back, right left with allways using the IPO. so i need that my ipo would allow Local transformation and play “Local” IPO in any place.