animation in bge

Hello, this is the link to a .blend file:

I have 2 animations to the actor.One walking and one jumping.
The jumping one gets activated via message when the actor enters the “jump” state.And since I have made the action “Loop End” it should play once and then stop till it gets activated again.

Everything seems to work but sometimes the jumping animation stops and does not happen at all,and then it works perfectly again.I can’t locate where the error is.

Can anyone see what I am doing wrong here?

I am on my tablet so I cant see the .blend, but the problem seems like the priority or blendin of the actions may need work. However, don’t take my word for it…

I read about the priority you are talking about.I think it is all good considering that.

Probably not?

Yours were all zeros, i changed the values to 1 on the second anim and it worked.

@TheKingDweeb made it clear now.

But still it keeps doing the same thing , but now instead of jumping with no pose at all(original pose,like when I originally posted) it jumps with the last played frame from “walking” and no jumping animation.

You 'll notice it if you just start moving and jumping for like 30 seconds (max). (WASD & spacebar)

Have you found a solution to this. It seems to me LoopEnd is facetious, sometimes it skips over frames.