Animation In GE

Ok so… I’m making a Game for my Year12 Major Work and i was just wondering if anyone knows of any tutorials or could tell me how to do an animation in the blender game engine.
I have a play menu and an intro. What id like to do is

1.Link the menu to the next scene - iv done this
2.once it goes to the next scene it starts playing the animation

3.once the animation is finished it goes to the next scene and the game starts
If you know how to do this or know a tutorial on how to do this it would be much appreciated


The scene first needs to be animated using armature actions and ipo’s. Every animated object will need the following logic bricks:

    Always -- AND -- IPO (set to "Play" start: 1, end: last frame)

or if it’s an armature:
Always – AND – Action (with name of action (default is “Action”) other settings same as above)

That will play the animations in the scene. To transition to the next scene, set up a Timer Property on any object. On the same object, add this logic:
Property (“Equal To,” prop: name of timer (default is “prop”), however long your animation lasts.
– AND – Scene (Set Scene, name of next scene)

You should be able to google up some tutorials on any topics you don’t understand. :slight_smile:

Always – AND – Action —> Does “Action” exist?? I’m using Blender 2.46 and I didn’t find that!

The Action Actuator is only available on armatures, since they are the only Blender object which can have actions to begin with.

Ohhhhh! Yeah! It’s works! Thanks blendenzo!
PS: I like your tutorials.