Animation including Blender Stuff on UK TV all this week!

TERRA 2050 Monday 23rd Aug - Thursday 26th, 19.55 GMT Channel 4, every day, just after the news. A series of four, three minute animations, each exploring a different facet of the future, as described by climate scientists, space technologists, green campaigners, general people and little old ladies.

This project was undertaken by shroom, a small production company based in the east end of london, our first directed piece for television, following a history of graphics and sequence production for just about everybody. We started early this year, interviewing and recording as many people as we could, edited it together by late May and animated it all over the last few weeks!

See if you can spot all the blender sequences, the first complete list with no mistakes sent to me ([email protected]) gets a dvd with lovely extras on it…
when theyre ready that is

Its also gonna be available for repeat viewing on Channel 4’s science website, rolled out episode by episode over the week

please enjoy,

Christian Krupa

Damn, I just moved to Wales and we have crappy S4C instead of proper Ch.4 :frowning:

wales ? where i live in cardiff and we get both. newport does too of course you need to ariels.

anyway welcome to wales where the sheep outnumber the people … seriously.

Just watched the first episode, excellent work though the content is a bit sensational. I hope this gets a mention up on the main page, as it’s always great to hear of Blender being used in large scale productions.

TERRA 2050 Episode 1 - Environment.

Now available online at

Dont forget the Humans episode is tonight at 19.55 Channel 4, Technology tomorrow and Hopes & Fears on Thursday, each one being available at the same link after the broadcast.


Christian Krupa

PS TERRA 2050 is not by any means a large scale production, it was made by three animators and one producer whilst using a few illustrations from other contributors, produced over a period of about six months with the help of lots of interviewees, selected from the general public, scientists and other experts…


Christian Krupa

1st one looks great. is there any chance that they will be shown in other country’s?

I thought as much, was mostly referring to the fact that it was being aired on national television.
Anyway, can’t wait to see the others. The editing is really kinetic, love the style.

just wanted to post that the last episode of TERRA 2050 will be aired tonight on Channel 4 at the usual time of 19.55 right after the news, tonight its Hopes & Fears, and the episode will again be available at for repeat viewing.

We are also hoping that channel 4 will rebroadcast the whole thing quite soon as part of a ‘climate change’ season. If you have any comments, do not hesitate to contact either me, or preferably, Channel 4, so they can hear them for themselves (they pass them all on to us afterward)

Id best go, ive gotta blend a title sequence for a BBC client B4 tomorrow,


Christian Krupa

I will force myself to sit glued to the box this evening then :slight_smile:
Can’t wait :slight_smile:

Just watched them online.

Good animation, thought provoking too.



Hey Krupa!

Sorry I missed this thread, but this looks more as it would fit “News & Chat” section…since it is News :slight_smile:

but now the broadcast is over (I presume?) I will leave it here…