Animation is not rendering - Blender 2.90

Hi there

I´m trying to render a short animation test i did with two characters (separate armatures) in it. When i hit play in the timeline, the animation works all fine.
But when i hit render animation, it just renders the same current frame 90 times with no animation in it.

If i go to any frame in the timeline and hit render image everything looks and works as it should.
Do i miss something? I think i´ve checked everything and rendering is everywhere enabled.
It seems like it just doesn´t get it, that there is an animation in it.

Thank you for your tipps.

p.s. Its my first post here but Ive read and learned so much from you guys here already. :slight_smile:

Sorry no one replied to help you figure this one out.

Do you remember what the problem was?

My first guess was you were doing Viewport Render Keyframes, but that only results in like 10 duplicate frames, not 90.

Otherwise I would say check the range of frames you are rendering. It could be all your keyframes are after frame 100 for example.

Then, if everything is armature based you could have turned off the rendering of the armature.