Animation is rendered, how do i save it?

I have made a short animation and i want to know how to save it as a movie file. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

go to the tmp section where there are also two buttons after it on the far left side.Select specified destination and name your render when the window comes up.To save a movie file.Go to the render settings on the far right and click on the drop down button which shows jpeg by default.

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I dont know wat the tmp section is sorry, i cant find it. all i want to do is save my animation as a .avi.

In F10 buttons, Format tab, select avi as the render format. Now, when you press “ANIM” (unlike when you press “RENDER”) the avi will be saved automatically in the folder specified in the Output tab (also in F10) by default “.tmp” until you change it yourself.


Thanks Fligh, and sorry others if i proved a pain:) Thanks alot tho, instructions were good.