Animation issue :(

I posted a video link, being easier to see rather pictures.
Before you see my problem abstract yet simple “sometimes its easy to forget the basic things in life due to overwhelming scenarios(nature) that always lead us back home” but i would rather your opinion. im trying to animate a rotor yet it isnt working. i gather its due to me not bounding the object into empty object=101 basics. so any advise id appreciate thanks. im new animating.

Okay here it is:

Sowie didn’t know, took ages to upload :frowning:

I posted a video link, being easier to see rather pics instead.
Not at the moment it isn’t !!

I updated it.

So what are we expecting to see or not to see ?
I see a spinning rotor and you moving things around.
If you find it so difficult to explain clearing what the problem is (also no blend file supplied) how are we to guess

Anyone else have a idea? i assume a random object needs to be parented with the empty object, so when i manually rotate the random object, it should spin inside a empty space while each frames recorded, rather rotate outside in unusual way when recorded.
It does apply in the same manner with armitures, bones and joints. (while that approach has alot of complexity from the hands and so forth) yet a spinning object should share the same principle as everythings bound to something.

You have a segment where the rotor is rotating, and another segment where the rotor is moving around seemingly at random, although it might be rotating about some far away pivot point. What is the problem? What ever you did to make the rotor rotate properly, do more of that. Don’t do whatever you did that didn’t work.

I am not at all clear what you are saying in your post #5, except for the first two words: “I assume…” Rather than assume, test Blender to find out how it works, then do that. Change or discard your assumptions if they do not get you the results you want.

Sorry, double post

I figured it out, the red dot was outside the scope of the textured bounding box, and i thought it was a scaler for the model, not to sure about that one. (maybe it is. ) anyhows i applied ctrl+alt+shift+c to fix the problem. dam, no wonder it wasn’t rotating. Didn’t even need to add a empty shape. so frustrating.

Yay, few now armatures will be the next pain when i get to it.

So had to disable the bounding box,
Had to move the pivot back to the objects internal mesh
And now it looks much better.

Um, after being absent from blender for about 3 weeks i forgot how to pivot 3d cursor to the center position of a object.

Plus i need new mouse, anyone recommend a good mouse to bind keys too.

Blenders like a maze but you eventually get there, someday. XD but i will never argue with free. hUGS FOR EVERYONE.