Animation: "I've got it!"


I produced a short movie (60 sec) for international film festival (debut festival) here in Zagreb, Croatia, it is in fact flash film award under film festival, but i used Blender as my main tool, and also Wings 3D for modelling.

For now, i made it to best 5 movies, and im in the race for reward :slight_smile:

you can view it here , under number 5.

It was a stress project, so i did not got every detail as i wanted, but ok. This is a flash version, compressed (no fancy textures are visible :slight_smile:


You should’ve kept the music going until he smashes his head.

i love the ending but for some reason it looks like when he walks his crotch like drags in front of him

i dunno, just looks very weird lol

Well i have done a sound montage literally in last seconds before submission deadline, so it is not perfect like anything in the movie :slight_smile:

I am not skilled much yet in animation and i had utterly short deadline, so I havent got a time/skill to make better and more natural movement, but happily all the movie is wierd-mooded so it can pass somehow :slight_smile: