Animation keyframes show up in Dope Sheet, but not Graph Editor

I have a character rig for which the keyframes seemingly refuse to show up in the Graph Editor.

They’re showing up in the Dopesheet just fine, and tick marks show up in the Timeline. Does anybody have a guess as to why this is happening?

File here: X_Animatic_05.blend (1.1 MB)

If it might help, the rig was originally appended from another file.

do you see in the X_RIG the eye is off.

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Oh, wow, that solved it! Thanks, @Looch!

No, the eye isn’t off, but when I toggle it off and on, all of the sudden, the graph comes back. I guess I stumbled across some unfortunate glitch…?

yes i mean the one at the top left

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Ah, haha, I don’t know how I missed that, makes perfect sense! Doubly thanks!