Animation keys on bones when animating IK target Empty

Hi, I would like to ask how to set animatino keys on bones when animating its IK target. I would like to export the animation.
When animate the “empty” object as target IK bones are moving, but there are no keys on them.
Thank you

Select the bones you want to insert keys for, I-key -> insert Visual Loc/Rot/whatever.

You see, bones in an IK chain don’t actually move, but they are constrained to act a certain way. If you remove the constraint, the bones will return to their original postions. This is why you have to use the Visual key frame options. this inserts keys for the way an object looks in the 3d view.


Thank you for reply Randy.
Does it mean that I have to manually add visual keyframes to all bones to be able export ik animation?

Pretty much, you have to insert visual key frames for any bone influenced by ik constraint. Maybe other bones controlled by constraints that will need to be keyed as well.

I take it you are exporting it for a game engine? If so, I’m really surprised by now that someone hasn’t written a python addon to do this automatically…