animation less smooth.. anyone knows why?

Hello every1!!

Im making the same walking guy from my last topic. I managed to control the animation start by doing the playback with python (a property has the value of the frame, wich is used with an action property. each frame the property adds 1 to its content, till it reaches the end then starts in 1 again).

Then I discovered something: making the method above said, the animation lost visual quality (obvious loss, tough I could tolerate it…). I used to play the action with a loop stop and it looked MUCH nicer.

I tought it was because of the extra memory used, but I checked the difference in framerate etc. Surprise! no difference…

Anyone knows why the quality-loss happens? I always tought the animation in blender was made changing the mesh frame by frame, but now I think it automatically uses some kind of blend-in or sumtin…

I’m a blender noob, but in most packages, is all about spline interpolation. Usually handled by some curves in a graph editor… There use to be controls also to ease in, ease out or manually control the bezier handles, etc.

Dunno if it’s that.

in the most recent release blender does physics only so many times per second, and does logic only so many times per second

if you want a smooth animation you need to make the logic done every frame if you are incrementing the animation using game logic

so, if you set the tick rate to 0 [using python], it should work as you expect


[not tested though]

I see… I thiink I might keep this speed tough… or maybe using the trick u showed me with a small ticrate. I was more worried about me making some horrible mistake or sumtin.
I didnt find that in any docs, tugh. Ill have to check phyton…
anyways, thanks for the replies! now I can continue my journey into blender’s game engine!

tested ur line; it works! the speed of the animation raises up with higher values and with 0 nothing happens. its a cool way to control the speed of the game :slight_smile: