Animation: Lets Paint!! .blend file

Its been a long time coming sorry for the delay, but now i have released the .blend file for my “Lets paint!!”

its a good example of complex aniamtion with little fuss and simple rigg. This .blend is pretty much self contained, sequence edit is in the music credit scene,(change screen to video edit, then change scene to music_credit)
however the dynamic paint textures are not in the .blend file as image sequences are not supported, so they will need to be rebaked.

You all are free to use the contents of this .blend for instructional and eduaction purposes, if you want to do commercial work with it, just pass me an email, mfoxodgg(at)gmail(dot)com more then likly i will say yes

anyway here is the .blend file

Hope all find it interesting and enjoyable to work with, just don’t run scared when you open the nla editor

Very impressive on many levels. Timing and composition. Dynamic paint actually looks useful now.

Looks great & very cool