Animation looks too mechanic

This is something I’ve been curious for a while. How can I make my animation look less mechanical?
Here are a few examples of what I mean. (These are still good! A lot of work was put into them, but it’s not what I’m going for.)

How can I achieve movement more like this?

Thank you for any suggestions.

One thing that I see most 3D animations lack when trying to go for movements like walking, running, or any character movement is use of the principles of animation. Things like Squash and Stretch, Anticipation, and Exaggeration.
It’s probably why some of the animation looks so mechanic. Using anticipation, you would have someone, for example, reaching back a little before they punch. Or look like they are putting more weight on their foot before they jump using that foot.
You can see some examples and more details here:

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This helps a bunch! Thank you! My only issue now is that whenever I pose a new bone for only one part of my animation I have to keyframe it at no movement at frame one AND right before it moves. Is there a way around this?

As Mikequeen123 says, there are the 12 principles of animation, which is a good starting point. Learning animation can be a very deep subject, and it’s best to start at the beginning. Start by doing simple animation exercises, like bouncing balls. Exercises help to develop an ‘eye’ for what you are doing.

No, not really. A bone needs a starting pose, and then it needs to hold that pose, until you want it to move. That’s why you need both of those keyframe, otherwise, how would blender know how long you want to hold the pose for?

Good animation actually takes a lot of work… the computer just doesn’t do it automatically for you…


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Okay, I will try my best! :slight_smile: