Animation loop

Good day everyone, i have a question and would be glad if someone could help me .
I making simple walk animations like that :
1.Make start pose of model at frame 1 , press LocRotScale.
2.Make end pose of model at frame 25 , press LocRotScale.
Now i have short walk animation it’s smooth from first frame to 25 but when it start repeat it’s just jump from 25 to 1 How i can make same smooth animation from 25 to 1 , like i have from 1 to 25 ?
I understand that i can insert pose from 1 frame to 50 frame make LocRotScale and it would be like i asking. But in that case when i will run the main loop it would be see that one pose a showing a little bit longer and it wouldn’t be so nice .
I hope i can explaned it .
Thank you for your time and help .

go to frame 24 and make a keyframe, then delete the one on frame 25.