Animation Looping?

Hey I first started using Blender a while ago but never learned much passed the basics.

I’m animating a dove and I’m wondering if there is anyway I can loop the armature to continue flapping it’s wings? If I do this loop, is there anyway to stop it from looping? (like start the loop on frame 1 and end on frame 60?)

Also, is there anyway I can copy the already-animated armature of one dove and put it on another?

Yes, after you animate an armature an “Action” is automatically created, that Action can then be converted to an “action strip” in the NLA editor. Once a strip is created, open the strip properties (N) dialog, from there you can change the Repeat count.

See the user and reference manuals for the Action editor and NLA editor window types.

As for copying the animation from one armature to another, that is very easy, assuming you have copied the armature, you just select the second armature, then in the action editor choose the previously created action from the “dropdown” box. If you just want use action unaltered, that’s all you have to do. If you want to copy the action to a new one, click the “add new” button, and a copy of the action is made.

Thanks so much, this helps me a lot. I’ll post when I’m finished.

When i try to convert it to an action strip the animation gets messed up… I see all the goals move and animate but teh mesh jsut goes up and down? can you help me?

If you post the blend file, I’ll take a look, otherwise hard to say what the problem could be.

You can copy and paste the frames in Graph Editor. It is easy and useful. Select the object, then Rotate tool and the animated frames will appear. Then select them left dragging and copy, click after the last one and paste. You can then select the old and new ones and copy-paste again.
Maybe that will helps.

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