Animation lost when moving the object


I have experience in modelling with blender, but I’m a begginner at animating and am having a little problem.

I have a model at which I have applied a simple animation using rotation and location keyframes.

The problem I am experiencing is that if I move the model to position it in the scene, the elements which have animation return to their original positions as soon as I play the animation.

Is there a way to move the object and the coordinates specified at the keyframes relative to it?


it seems to me like you have a keyframe at the first frame and you don’t add new ones on other frames… but not sure

Since you allready have location keyframes these will overide your new location. Location keyframes are absolute not relative to the current position.

You have a keyframe on frame #1.
You have moved the time line or have dragged the green line in the one of the windows.
Then you repositioned your object but did not press the I-Key to lock in it’s new position.
When you hit rewind or drag the green line, it jumps back to the only keyframe there is, the first one.

If you actually Enable Auto-Keying, it may allow you to animate more intuitively. But this is turned off by default. You can find the button by dragging down the top menu window (i) and clicking on Edit Methods button.

Thanks. I’ll try it and see what happens.

For now I moved animation curves from Loc to dLoc and it seems that they become relative then.