Animation Low poly with Sculp

Hello Guys

I have a low poly and rig model for animation
and the same duplicate model with many details and texture. What is the best way to unify?

The only thing that comes to mind would be Displacement … But I wonder if there is a better way in blender?

Thanks advanced

Use Vector Displacement instead? It gives near perfect representation of highpoly sculpt, and doesnt require retopologizing every tiny detail, only condition being matching UVs between highpoly and lowpoly. Currently only community-created VD baker is available, but it is totally reliable if you follow a tutorial.

Rendering Vector Displacement, however, is supported by default.

Hey, thanks for the reply.

I try everything … Micro displacement, Vector displacement,
but I can’t get a good result. All the time when a need work displacement map i have problem.
The small detail dont print in the model.

I Export a big map size…and a little better, but small details don’t show

Yeah, it looked like not enough resolution. Also try using both displacement map and normal map at the same time.

Ok, I will try…Thanks…
Could you tell me how to proceed with the shader for vector displacement?

Add Vector - Vector Displacement node into your material, there will go your VD map. Also, do not forget to enable Displacement and Bump in Cycles’ shader settings.
Though to be honest, seeing your dog, even regular displacement will suffice. You do not have any crazy details like spikes made by Grab/SnakeHook that would require custom displacement vector.

Thank you very much.
Loss of patients with displacement hahahah
I think the vector is much better all the time
Normal map is required!

Even with mesh defects I like it a lot!
Thanks for the support.