animation made in Blender 2.5 import in Blender 2.49b


We make a blender animation in school and at the School-computers (Mac) is Blender 2.49b installed, but on my notebook (Windows Vista), Blender 2.52 (alpha).
Now I made one scene in Blender 2.5 and want to import it in Blender 2.49, but there came an Error-message “File is a Blender25 file, keys can’t be imported” (or something like).
So my question is how I can import in Blender 2.49

Thanks Tobias

2.5 has a new animation system so you can’t open up animation data made in 2.5 with 2.49. There might be some workaround, but I don’t know of one. Sorry.

Ok we made it now otherways even so thanks for your answer

Can you tell us how you did it?
Thanks in advance

We have just rendered the 2.5 file seperately to the others.