Animation made in EEVEE won the "Revision" Demoparty "Animation Compo"

Hi guys !

Bart from Blendernation just published a news about an animation I made with Blender EEVEE in 8 days, who won the “Revision Demoparty 2018” in the “Animation Compo”

Hope you’ll like it !


Pretty awesome. Congrats!

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Thank you Cire !

You’re welcome! Pieces like this really make me look forward to using Eevee in my own projects, and Blender in general going forward. Amazing possibilities ahead.

Btw, how did you produce the line rendering for the toon-shaded portion? I saw no mention of Freestyle or even the experimental LANPR renderer in the descriptions, so I was curious.

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Hahaaa nice that you won the compo man, I was watching that live whilst waiting for the 64K compo. Congrats! :smiley:

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Nice ! Good Work

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Freestyle was really unstable along the animation, with a lot of jittering between the frames.
I saw only a few videos about LANPR, but I haven’t try it, yet.

I used the old trick of adding a “Solidify” modifier with reversed normals, then activate the “Backface Culing” option in the viewport. But … the problem is this option is only available in the viewport, not in the render. So, if you press F12, your character will be full black. There’s two solutions for that :

  • Rendering using : View -> Viewport Render Animation. The antialising is different (the quality of a real rendering is better) but in this case it was acceptable

  • Add a “Geometry” node in your shader and use “Backfacing” slot to manage the swicth to black in only one shader.

As you can see in this capture, I decided to use the first solution :

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Outstanding work… EEVEE is amazing.

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Ah, I thought that may be the case. Just wasn’t sure if and how it might work in Eevee. Thanks for the info!

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You’re welcome. :call_me_hand: