Animation Map (animated texture) assembler

This is a tool I wrote in python for combining a sequence of images into one file that can be used as an animation map in the BGE. The utility requires Python 2.5, 2.6 or 2.7 and PyGTK. I’ve tested this on Ubuntu and Win7 32-bit.

Download here:

The zip file contains the python script and 3 batch files. If you’re on Windows and you have Python installed to the default directory you can just open the .bat corresponding to your version of Python. If you have Python installed to a non-default directory you can just edit the .bat to point to your installed directory.

Usage instructions:

Input Image Width/Height: type in the width/height of ONE individual image in your sequence in pixels. If you have 25 images 128x128 each then type in 128 for both fields.

Columns/Rows: The number of columns/rows you want your images arranged in. If you have 25 images to add, 5x5 is a good solution.

Load Image: Type in or use browse to select any one of the images in your sequence.

Save Image: Type in the path/filename you’d like the final image saved to.

Generate: click this to create the new image. Once created just click save or cancel.

The input files should be named in the following format: filename0001.png, filename0002.png, filename0003.png or 0001.jpg, 0002.jpg, 0003.jpg.
I use Blender to create all my animated textures and that is the naming scheme blender uses when rendering a sequence of images.

Input/output must be in PNG or JPG format.

Anyway I hope this is of use to a few people. Much easier than carefully lining things up in GIMP IMHO.

There is a gimp plugin…
But this is an easy way of doing it!