animation master

I love blender and will continue using it, but the toon edges are not very good and they always ruin my anime style stuff, so I am considering buying animation master just for the toon effects. I was wondering if anyone has any advice about it and how it compares to blender.

At the root AM’s a Spline based application and Blender is POLYGON based. The nice Toon shading options in AM ( and a lot of other good stuff ) will do you no good if you don’t first learn the ins and out’s of Hash patch modeling, materials, and animation, as it’s almost impossible to bring polygon based objects into AM except as props.

In other words, AM does not fit into any development “pipeline” other then ALL AM for everything.

Having said that, AM has a lot going for it and it’s cheap enough ( $199 at tradeshows - 299 from HASH) to definatly be worth the look. I’ve owned every version since 1997.

Have you tried using Blender nodes to develop your toon look? - I seem to recall several posts with some nice samples.

It seems like quite the program- Victor Navone created the animation that got him into pixar in AM…

I have developed a toon shading look in blender that i am happy with so basicly i am considering the purchase of AM and learning a whole new system just to get some desent edges. :frowning: I also saw some nodes shading posts but I don’t think any of them fix any of the problems with the edges although the shading looks good, the only technique i found that promises any results also doubles the polygon count and I dont think it would effect the edges that appear on the inside of the image anyways.

So im asking, do you think the extra edge options would be worth the investment of money and time for a person who is serious about getting anime style cartoon renders?

Just for edges? I would say probably not… Blender has so much to offer, I don’t think it’s worth ditching it just because its edges suck. And then there’s the cash you have to pay… Blender will get better edges eventually, as lots of people aren’t very happy with how they are turning out right now.

Did you keep upgrading hoping the next version would finally be stable ?:smiley:

I went through 3 or 4 versions, every version same thing crash,crash crash, more than any other program I’ve every used.

You have to wonder, when their forum has a sticky thread titled “It just crashes all the time” … that thread was created by the program author / web site maintainer !

I was kicked off their mailing list when I dared ask how to setup the program / my system so that it wouldn’t crash every five minutes.


V.N. is obviously extremely talented, the only thing in that software that helped him was the price :smiley:



You’re probably aware of Freestyle, which I think is Blender’s best hope for really good non-photo realistic rendering. Check out the thread here:

Right now it is not well integrated with Blender (you’ll have to experiment yourself to see what you can render with it), but there’s a lot of hope that it will be before too long.

Nope, I have a good relationship with Martin, amf I’m one of the Hash “Fellows” - I’ve used AM for a large number of “pro” projects over the years. So please don’t propagate the old “unstable” thing, while being true to some degree, it is not a fair representation of the product. :slight_smile:

I’ve come to Blender for many reasons, but mostly the fact that Martin and his small team cannot focus on the kinds of needs I have without getting away from their “core” market. There’s nothing wrong with that, Martin is one hell of a smart guy who has made fairly sophisticated 3d accessable to almost anyone, I respect him greatly. I’ll probably buy the version 14 upgrade in support of the Hash orginization.

More to the point of this thread, I belive that Postmodern_Boy is better off finding ways to get the effect wanted using the tools available in Blender. The nice toon renders you see on the Hash site did not happen by accident, it takes a combination of understanding how to model, texture and pose objects combined with creative thinking to get the effect wanted.

Funny how that’s probably exactly the same things needed to be successful using Blender. :rolleyes:

Pappy, you hit the nail on the head. I like both A:M and Blender. For some of the scifi work I’m doing I much prefer Blender over A:M but for fluid non CG looking animation A:M is one of the best. My only quips with them is their raytracer is getting really long in the tooth and the OpenExr features are for internal use only. If they would make the export of OpenExr more robust you could pull the files directly into Blenders compositor.

As it is now, I render out and pull everything together in AE 7.

btw SoftImageXsi 6 now had ‘reusable’ actions, something Hash has had for over a decade.

Just for the record, A:M is based on Coon Splines (spline and patches), but they’ve taken it way beyond the original features.