Animation Mentor anounces cost for classes

Here’s a link for those interested. It seems that they are having problems sending out their newsletter.

Pace 1, 3 mos class $2,000 USD
Pace 2 6 month class, same as 3 above just longer to complete it. $2,500

See this link for the details

I’m shooting for April registration.

I’ll be keeping my eyes on this program. It looks VERY cool - but I think I will wait at least until April myself. Let them work out any major kinks in the first set of students.

BTW - Are you planning on using Blender if you take this course?

They say the course is software independent, although they use Maya.

Also, here is the official site: AnimationMentor

I’m not sure if I’ll be doing the class in the near future but if I do, I intend to use Blender. I am familiar enough with Blender that I think I can keep up with the class. If not (cough cough) then I’ll switch to Maya. (Blasphemy)

There are a lot of great animation books out there. I am presently going through Jason Osipa’s book Stop Starring (I highly recommend.) which is mainly based on using Maya. Though some of the terms are different the concepts are the same. Based on this I think that I could follow along. I don’t intend to get a job as an animator, rather I’ll stay independent so it doesn’t really matter what program I use. If on the other hand, someone wants to get a job in the animation industry here in California, then they should consider using Maya. It’s the most used program out there so it would help them in getting a job.

In the meantime I’ll continue working on my craft through tutorials and books. It seems in the last year or two that there is a trend to make animation books more generic because when you get down to it, most of the programs have all the same basic feature.

Another good book that I’m going to pick up is “Acting for Animators".

So, time allowing, I continue to Blend!