Animation mesh deforms bug

Hey guys, so I am trying to run an animation with my goofy cartoon fingers, and in the viewport and stuff it all runs great. But in the runtime, I notice if I start the game on frame 1 (first frame of animation) when it plays, a few of the fingers are massively deformed, bending in weird ways that are nowhere EVER in any of my animations. Then when I start from frame 30 or so (animation is 36 frames long) when I play the animation, besides a slight bump from it finishing the last few frames of the old animation, there is no deformations at all.

I read on here that some other guy was having a similar issue with weird deforms in run-time, and it was said to be a bug and not fixed until 2.72. Is there some kind of work around to fix this weird deforms? When is .72 coming out is it known?