Animation Micro-Pause problem

instead of 1000 words:
why is that happening?
i start from frame 20 and end at 59 instead of 60
it’s like slowing down…:frowning:
P.S.: i need it to be smooth, (T) Linear doesn’t look good:
here is a link to my *.blend file:!dA4RjboZ!U3Ua1420MDOXrW5n8ErCjne2U2wQCNTaDYWoFsqYZh0
here is a combined *.gif to see the difference:
sorry for my english
and ty for your help

I changed the position that will starrt the cycle


here is how animation looks now :eyebrowlift::

P.S.: I deleted the image but the thumbnail remained…
P.S.S: in this logic editor i made the animation to run smooth)


Maybe go to Graph Editor window and change the Interpolation Mode (T) of the walk cycle to Linear. (?)

i need animation to be smooth…

Is that all the information you’re going to supply ? Does everyone else have to try and guess what you’ve done.

If you want help at least make it as easy as possible for other people to help you. I see no link to any blend file so people have the same needed information to help you that you have.

sorry i’m new to Blender and to this Forum =(