Animation mixing--Blend file

I’ve just been playing around with this for my game and thought I’d upload it because I think there might be some that don’t know you can mix animations in Blender Game Engine. You do it by only saving rotations except for a main bone and not saving rotations for bones except for those that are moving. The bones will simply maintain their last position when not being called on. In this I have a main animation that blinks and moves slightly at the chest, then I can add hand and talking animations.

BTW Dim, if your reading this. It’s still the old model because the new one isn’t rigged yet.

Download animMix.blend


I was actually looking for something like this. You know, for reference.

Thanks fireside.

Thanks Social. I’m just working on NPC behaviour right now. You know, trying to get the most out of everything. One disappointment so far is that the flipper doesn’t seem to work in the action actuator. Hopefully the property part works and I can do it that way.

thanks fireside… nice blend!

Very cool, looks like a stuartist* on a plane. :smiley: Is she saying " ok " ?

Is she saying " ok " ?

Ha ha. I didn’t notice till you said that. I’m still wondering what to do about mouth motions. I might make phonemes and use the property mode of the action actuator.

cool… i dont get it lol…too far ahead :smiley: