Animation motion trail

Would it be possible or is there an addon for animation motion trail follow path.
With speed control.
Blender 2.82

Would this do the trick?

It is a very cool script, recommend it:

Thanks, can it also work with follow a path for using speed, falling gravity. I already have a free motion trial like motion trail from bart crouch in my opinion it should be default in the add on list.

I think you should read about it on the thread about this addon.

I am not sure of what you mean by gravity, if you want to use is in a simulation or other

i havent tried the bart crouch add on, might give it a go :slight_smile:

Its this one

But I think I maybe gonna try your advice.
I was not intend to buy any add ons because I did that with 2.79 from which a lot are now useless.
For gravity i meant a rollercoaster on a track.

Thanks I purchased the addon.
Happy blending!

Unfortunately still need the graph editor to set key handles to free. Otherwise you cannot edit.