Animation Motors system in blender - feature idea

First of all what is an animation motor?

A Motor is simply a component that executes a certain type of behavior on a group of bones or a region mesh. Different types of Motors perform different operations.

have a look at this:

We already have the starting point for such a system in this add on

So they are kind of like modifiers for bones that generate movement. The advantage of using them is that you only set a single keyframe on the motor itself and you get a procedural movement.


I havent thought about using motors in anything other then realtime animation, but i could indeed be Very usefull for animators.
It would save allot of time when dealing with detail animation.

3ds max has had character studio walk/run/jump generation for decade(s). It’s not really practical and very circumstantial.

I think a good procedure to achieve same effect is to keyframe walk cycle that is isolated in 1 animation layer/track. Make it cyclic/repeat/loop. Then you can enable/tween into that layer by animating weight of it on top of your main animation layer. Somewhat similar how things are set up in games. Trax Editor clip based workflow is also ideal for such (I’m not overly sure how it’s done in Blender).