ANIMATION: Muscle sim coming to Blender? (links)
This caught me by surprise, may be too late for 2.46, but may get into 2.50. Anyway, so another high end feature that may make it into Blender;)

Didn’t know they used that site anymore.

There’s some broken links there…

And what about that cloth sim huh? It looks so damn sexy!! Good to see it is getting somewhere. One thing bothers me though (and I know it is still WIP):
When the cloth is dragged, it seems to revert back to its square shape.
But the new cloth is hot! And according to Gensher/ Bjorn, because this is specifically for simulating cloth, it would be much faster in term of calculations than simulating cloth with softbodies.

Both pbo and the wiki were always in use, though we pretty much only use pbo for the trackers.

On which page?


I’ve actually been watching this project for a while, but the development on it seems to either be less active or he’s not giving many updates on his progress of late.

I really hope they attack this one and get it in the next release, but with their progress, I find it unlikely. Still, it is an exciting feature that I will surely take full advantage of.