Animation needed. $45 per hour for two weeks. Emphasis on cloth simulation

My company is short on manpower.
We need an animation of a woman climbing out of a tent, getting on a bicycle, and riding the bike over some uneven terrain. The terrain can be a simple terrain hex just floating in space with no backdrop.

The point of the video is to highlight cloth animation, mostly for the garments the woman is wearing but also the fabric of the tent.

You will need to use the rigged model of the woman we provide as well as the garment we provide.

A couple of trees would be nice, maybe some forest debris. The sky/backdrop is not important.

We don’t yet have a bicycle, a tent, or the terrain.

We can work with you to come up with assets if needed.

Everything needs to be rendered with viewport/open gl materials. A cycles version of the video would be welcome but the viewport render is the priority.

Low poly counts are preferred. For example, whatever trees are in the scene need to be optimized for real time.

This needs to be done within the next two weeks.

Link your portfolio and availability to me: [email protected]

Hey, I’ve sent and e-mail.
Thanks for the job oportunity!

let us see what you’ll get at the end, plz