Animation needed for my company about 3d printing

Hi guys, I work for a company PD Models in the uk. We have recently been updating our website and are in the need of a simple animation to illustrate how our 3d printer works, so that we can put it onto our website. We want the movie to be clean and stylised and fit with the current branding of our website.
in exchange we would like to offer the use of our 3d printer, if anyone has a model they would like to have printed we can build it and ship it to you.
if anyone is interested I can provide all the information you would need, photos and a few ideas about how we would want it to look as a starting point.

sent you a pm!

I don’t think this suits the rules of the Paid Work forum, sorry. Professionals don’t eat 3D printings but actual food bought with money.

Fair point, but thought it was the best place to put it really. The 3D prints that we suply are quite valuable, expensize to make, so it could be a good arangment for someone.

I’d like to work with you on this! I don’t care about not getting money for it, but, getting my 3d model 3d printed will be awesome!

hey guys thanks for the responses! but the position has been filled this time .