Animation needs better rendering

First post to Elysium.

Blender animation is tremendous for communicating new ideas.

The animations now need more realism. What you will see was all created in Blender3d.

I’d greatly welcome simple techniques for adding realism.

Two sizes of the mpg video are available:

89Meg at
42Meg at


Welcome to the Forum gdbaldw! Those files are HUGE. I suggest you convert them to DivX or another format for those with slow connections. I’m on 1.5Mb DSL and I still felt like I had to wait forever to download even though it only took about 8 minutes.

I really like the music you chose for the animation. It seems to fit right in. The animation, I thought, was superb too. I think you should texture the models differently and give the model a nice environment to fly around in. Everything looks too plain. You should model a more realistic looking carrier, give the ground some attention with some foliage, rocks and such, and also color the sky blue and put some clouds in it.


Nice…Im on a cable connection so it didn’t take but a few seconds or so to downlaod…

Welcome to elysiun

Great animation, I think you could use some texturing and more detail. It would do alot of good to add a nice enviroment and such. Pretty much what the guy said above.

I appreciate your recomendations on environment, texture, sky, and clouds. Seems simple, but I haven’t a clue. This forum has such beautiful work, and I don’t know where to begin. Spent hours on animation, now need the basics to make it shine.

Notice the word “HUGE!”