animation newb question.

i started rigging a character and have had this problem before when playing with rigs.

I am following the otothe cleaner tutorial from here…

if you look at the hand when making a fist, all the fingers stay the same size.

in my rig, everytime i rotate a bone, the assigned vertices shrink. so if i rotate a finger, it shrinks. the more i rotate it the more it shrinks. is there some solution to this or maybe a different tut that addresses this problem?

i tried weight painting and still have the same issue with this.

hm, i still can only imagine that it is a weighting issue. try to decrease the overlapping area of the finger segments. also make sure the bones are not in the middle of the finger but rather in the upper half. maybe start from scratch and make a standalone hand. for the beginning, make vertex groups, but don’t assign weights (i.e., when parenting the mesh to the armature, choose “Name groups”). when assigning weights via painting, avoid overlapping at the beginning and paint with 100% opacity. make an action, e.g. forming a knuckle or pointing, and tweak the overlapping weights for giid results.

hope that helps


maybe you guys can help me, here’s the .blend file.
I tried messing around with weight painting some more and still no go.
i followed the other hand tutorial in the blender documention and still have the shrinking problem, I don’t understand how this is happened if the tuts don’t mention it at all…

ha - found it. the fingers are not only affected by their bones, but also by the hand-bone. this means, 50% weighting by finger-bones, 50% by the hand-bone. this probably happened because you first made the large hand-vertex-group, then started tweaking.

simply remove the vertices from the hand-VG, this will fix your problem.

BTW, i wouldn’t use IK for the fingers (for speed reasons). rather make a couple of actions, like point, knuckle, relax etc. and mix them via NLA.


thanks, i never would have thought of that. i setup a new to clean it up a bit. i guess overlapping vert groups can be a real problem. :frowning:

thanks i really appreciate the help.

yep, but they can be handy on jointed areas like elbows.