Animation Nodes 2.1 for Blender 2.8 Build for Windows x64

Well there you go with a fresh hot cup of coffee to start your day! BTW, thanks for your efforts on the videos too.

THANK YOU! :relaxed:

Haven’t watched your videos yet, but, the version I get off of GIT Hub still crashes for me when I bake a sound average or spectrum… Unless I am getting the wrong 2.80 version…??

AN 2.4.1 released on git hub… works great…

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an 2.1.4 !!!

lol… oops… yea… 2.1.4!!! thanks… was so excited… see what happens… lol

If you want more frequent updates you can always check - I publish a build whenever there are commits to the source code

Thanks Chris! That is kind of you…

hey I have a question as I haven’t tried this yet. It seems the “bake” node is no longer used, but, now relies on the video sequence editor. Will stacked audio tracks play over each other? I was working on an animation were I am using each instrument in the audio as it’s on audio track. This is accomplished by using a DAW and rendering each instrument as it’s own audio file. Then each audio file would trigger it’s own animation. (a DAW is a Digital Audio Workstation). If played as a “stack”, i.e., one on top of the other, then it is the same as a single audio file. If for example, you have a piano, drums and a bass that make up a song, then each played collectively makes the song, but, played individually only those “parts” are heard… so, you see were I am going with this… (some of my music can have 30 to 40 “tracks”, if not more)

Hey Chris - I have an idea / suggestion for Animation Nodes. Is this an appropriate place to suggest it?

MusicAmg: Have you tried the “Get All Sequences” node?

AN is developed by JacquesLucke

Yes… works great… I was able to load a 15 track audio file no problem. This represents each instrument played in the song, therefore, I have 15 “triggers” for animations, rather than depending on frequency…

It’s a great “hack” in sense for me. I am waiting on the development of MIDI support for Blender. With MIDI, I can represent each MIDI note as a vector reference, if I wanted too. The possibilities are enormous …

thanks again!

Hi, is there a plan to make official release of Animation Nodes for Blender 2.8 ?