Animation nodes. How to generate a few objects in each point of the matrix and wiggle their position

The situation: I want to place 5 similar pyramids in each vertex of another object and give them (pyramids) some randomness in position, rotation, and scale. So every vertex generates a small cluster of similar pyramids with different transforms. Later I want to animate the position of each cluster (coming closer and farther from the distributed object) at the end the pyramids from each cluster will become one pyramid in each vertex of the distributed mesh.
I don’t quite understand how to do that.
Here you’ll find the network that I have by now
What I did is I created a standard matrix and increased the quantity of created objects in every vertex by using the Math node, so there are 5 pyramids in each point. But no matter what number of Count I input in vector wiggle, the offset matrix node always randomize each cluster as one object. But I need to add randomness in each cluster too. Any ideas?