Animation nodes: Scaling real scene objects

Hi all,

I’m just starting to learn animation nodes in 2.8. What I’m trying to achieve is (I think) fairly straight forward. I have 4 different objects in my scene and an empty off to one side of them (see pic). I want to be able to move the empty along the Y axis and in doing so have the empty act as a fall off object so that the objects scale to zero the further the empty travels in Y.

I’ve seen a few tutorials that talk about this kind of thing using instanced objects but not real scene objects? Is this even possible with animation nodes? Any help would be super,

Thanks, James.!

If it’s useful to anyone else I’ve just figured it out using the below setup. The one stumbling block I came up against was how to set the initial transforms of the objects in the scene as I’d completely missed the “AN” tab in the 3D views N panel, from in there I was able to set the start positions of my objects so they didn’t pop once connected to the network.