Animation Nodes: Set vertex color (seemingly) not working

Hello all!

I am starting to get involved with Animation Nodes (by Jaques Lucke). I’ve run into a problem that I just can’t seem to figure out for the life of me. All I need to do is have it so that the color of an object (in Blender Render) changes hue as time goes on. My node setup is as follows, and is the same as what the AN 2.0 manual provides:

However, no change in color. I can’t seem to piece together what’s wrong. Any help is appreciated, and thank you!

Do you have a material assigned to the object?

You’re also viewing the wrong viewport shading, it should be texture in BI if you want to see the vertex colors. But why do you want to do that in BI anyway?

Yup, it has the default attached to it. I tried that, to no success.

I am viewing the object in Rendered view, would changing the viewport shading affect this? And I want to do this so that it changes the object’s color based on it’s height (and from there, animate it).

In the material, go down to the Options and tick the Vertex Color Paint box. You should then be able to view vertex colors in Textured, Material, and Rendered modes.