Animation Nodes vs Houdini


Beside being a long term Blender user I am also a Houdini user, so anything nodes is always cool, that is I decide to take Blender Animation Nodes and Sverchok seriously and start integrating them.

I am wondering if anyone did real life performance wise comparisons between AN and Houdini or similar node based solutions.

Houdini has 2 ways one would be AN side and the otherone would be Sverchok type although, in Houdini all stuff is realtime, no need to bake anything to create geometry (regarding Sverchok). But still Sverchok and AN are amazing achievements inside Blender.

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Hi kkar. I use both and spent some time trying to recreate some of the Entagma stuff in Blender using mostly AN. Whilst you can come pretty close at times, one is really missing some kind of ‘solver’ type node. That is a node where operations can be performed on or against the incoming ‘previous frame’. This is the basis of a lot of the solvers in Houdini.
Sverchok, is very promising, and powerful albeit a little disjointed. But I like the way they think.

yup the solver node is the real thing, i’m not an experienced user of AN but doesn’t the loop node cannot do the same thing ?

I think Animation Nodes is more comparable to Cinema4D motion graphic features.

With Sverchok there is no need to bake geometry if you use the “Viewer Bmesh” node. Anyway Blender add-ons cant be multithreaded and I think that is the greatest performance bottleneck.