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there’s already link to Blender file with AN setup in original post, just bellow video. It’s Blender 2.79a and latest official AN (2.04 or something).

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Thx a lot amm!

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procedural just genius! Each page unwrapped ready for its texture, that easy. So amazing!

Is it possible to quickly set a required/desired amount of pages?

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it should work if you add or remove some pages on top or in between, in same way on both objects - there’s hidden ‘bookRef’ used as static reference. Duplicate should be safe (to get two objects), to keep the same vertex order. Should be OK to add a ‘spine’, too.
‘Requirements’ are proportional: to have object origin at bounding box center (as it utilizes bounding box for parameters), also, all pages to be flat, initially (to be able to separate them correctly), bottom of everything at Z zero (to get properly aligned start-end rotation). Basically, what you get by applying Array modifier along positive Z axis, on subdivided Plane object.
By the way, book model in Bl file is import from Softimage, where UVs were distributed proceduraly, too.
Regarding node setup, there are few nodes more, as some of usual for such setup seems not to be vectorized, yet, like matrix invert or transform vector, anyway it was possible to do workarounds.
Have to say that I’m really really impressed by organization of AN nodes, especially its ability to get various data in amazingly quick way.

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Thanks for the answers!

That node tree is so intriguing you should make a tutorial out of it. AN tutorials are so rare nowadays.

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I’ll try to write some tutorial. From my searching, tutorials by Omar Ahmad like ‘value remapping’ or ‘mathematical drawing’ are describing a lot about procedural stuff.

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Omar’s tutorials are really awesome!. Bytheway his circle and solidify nodes made it into the official AN2.1:D
Dont ask me i have no builds :smiley:

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And this one on Blender exchange, also by Omar, seems to be somehow essential, btw a way more sophisticated than anything I’ve used for that book thing.

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does anybody know if the AN addon will work with the upcoming 2.8 beta ?

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it makes little sens to port addons to 2.8 before it’s released. It would just take a lot of time away which would be much better spend on the addon rather than on following a moving API on an instable base.

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By the end of the week, Jaques will provide some An 2.1 compiled builds :smiley:

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Awesome news. Thanks for the update.

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Just wanted to note, that the AN development is also watched by (Ex-) Softimage users with great interest and one of the main reasons to use Blender as an alternative, because of it’s similarities to the ICE system in Softimage.

It is discussed here, over at the SI community forums:

For many people (including me) AN is not just an extension for Blender, it is a game changer and I hope that it will be integrated into Blender at some point in the future :cool:

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Is it possible to loft 3 curves?
Thanks in advance

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Hi everyone!
I’ve been having fun with this addon for the past 1.5 years or so, and just can’t stop praising it. Couple days ago I’ve postedthis animation on reddit (Direct link to gfy). Althrough main focus there is on the “throttles” I’m particularly proud of moving wires. I was heavily inspired by karlis.stigis and his works in the AN. One of them was “wire generator”. It looks like he never posted project files, so i decided to create something like this on my own. It was fun and challenging. It is probably lacking some of the features, but I’m quite happy how it’s come out so i decided to share it. Here is old vid of it. Now it have user-friendly interface. It’s on gumroad, but its free, go grab it :yes: . There is readme file in the archive. But it still interesting what you guys think about it.

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that’s usually called rail between two profiles, where one curve tells about interpolation between first and last profile. Loft, as only method supported in AN, expects cross sections, to interpolate by uv derived from point indices (or directly by points), point index 0 of first curve is matching to point index 0 of next curve, so on.

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A new test release is online:

With cool new features like L-System, vector noise, circle mesh node and much more!

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…and the crowd went wild breaking into a group rendition of the happy dance…

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Thanks for the info.

Thanks for providing the various builds for the different blender versions (using python 3.5 and 3.6).

So I’m luckily looking foreward to not having to miss AN on blender 2.8.