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(bb3d) #3181

I have a question - is it possible to use AN for Armatures, getting transformation data from bones? If not, is it planned for the future?
I am always struggling with drivers/expressions and would love to build all kinds of rig controls in a visual way.

(amm) #3182

There’s Armature Info node for that. AN Three in pic takes the local rotation of fourth bone, and transfers to local rotation of empty, outside armature hierarchy. Fourth, while you see 3 as index = because list is starting from zero. Now I’m not sure how indices were created, by creation time or by some other criteria, in any case you’ll want to checkout this, perhaps some addition to armature could ‘shuffle’ the list of bones.
Same method should be working to control shape keys (AN Shape Keys input/output nodes). Let’s say ‘pose reader’ would be ‘Vector angle’ between directions of certain bone indices (chest and bicep bone, or like) or Dot Product.

(bb3d) #3183

Thanks amm, this is almost exactly the information I was looking for! I was playing around with that “Armature Info” node already, but didn’t figure out how to extract the data I needed. And yes, controlling shape keys is what I am trying to do :slight_smile:

(Lumpengnom) #3184

How is it possible to save a location of a thing (an object, a polygon or a vertex for example) and use this location in the next frame when the thing has moved somewhere else.
My goal is to create trails. Perhaps by creating a spline along the last couple of locations, perhaps by other means but which ever way I do it i somehow need access to the former location of the thing.

(RayVelcoro) #3185

The ID Key ‘Initial Transforms’ perhaps?

(Lumpengnom) #3186

Maybe I don´t understand ID Key correctly but isn´t that just used for getting the original transform? Or is it possible to update this ID Key?

Something else, does anybody know if it is better performance or stability wise to create a single node tree containing all effects or is it better to create several node trees containing one effect each?

(Lumpengnom) #3187

Here is another test with my vertex colors node. It turned out a bit 80s I guess.

(RayVelcoro) #3188

Hi all,

I’ve got a (simple) question I hope someone can help me with. I have a sound waveform projected on a spline. However, I would like to only have points 2 till 7 to be effected by the fall-off. But I have no idea how to extract only these points from the spline info node. Please have a look at the image below. Any help is welcome! Thx.

(amm) #3189

Forget me if I misunderstood the purpose, anyway,
here are two more generic examples, how to extract portion of curve between 2nth and 7nth point, considering list starting form zero, 9 points in total. ‘Falloff’ node is a bit too much high level for me to figure out, for now, however I believe you’ll be able to utilize “Remap Falloff” or something like.
In second, bottom example, there’s parametric evaluation along curve. In case of Bezier or Linear curve, supported by AN, something like 2/8 or 1-(1/8) evaluates mentioned positions, exactly where original points are. Parametric (relative), length usually is going from 0 to 1, divide by 8 is because list is starting from zero. Vector math node is used only for display.

(RayVelcoro) #3190

thx a lot for this extensively answer amm! I see now i made a typo, i meant 1 to 7. Please let me explain myself better what I try to achieve here;

I would like the baked sound only effect the inner points of the spline, the first and the last point (or first and last two point) should stay idle while the other points get effected by the sound fall-off. I will now try to get this working with the help of your two examples. thx again!


The upper example didn’t give me some wierd results but not the desired one. :frowning: I would like to try the lower example, but I can’t figure out how to tweak the Evaluate Spline node to the way it looks in your example.

Gonna try tomorrow to get this fixed!

(amm) #3191

Here’s blend 2.79a AN 2.1.1 file with falloff offset, I’ve used wiggle, should be easy to replace it by sound falloff. Setup creates a blend of original curve and curve affected by falloff, keeping the first and last two points at original position - take look at two ‘map range’ nodes.
spline_offseta.blend (1.11 MB)

(Walli) #3192

this is a little test I made with some sort of circle array cloner and the sound falloff.

Although just scratching the surface so far, I really like this awesome script/plugin.

(RayVelcoro) #3193

thx a lot amm, this setup luckily also works in 2.0. I’ve got it kinda working with sound fall-off. Gonna tweak it some more to get a satisfying result. Learned something here!

Can anybody tell me how to update from 2.0 to 2.1?

(tungee) #3194

Go to preferences and and remove the addon. Quit blender and restart blender. If you are using 2.79a stable than install the 3.5 phython version of An 2.1 If a daily build use the 3.6 python AN version.

(RayVelcoro) #3195

thx, tungee!

(jacobo) #3196


I’m faced with a frustrating problem. I’m trying to make compound groups out of my node setups (Groups as in Node Groups, not loops) But when go into the Nodes menu, I end up seeing that the Make Group option and all the other pertinent menu items are all grayed out. What gives?



(RayVelcoro) #3197

I saw in a recent video by Jacques Lucke some handy shortcuts for grouping nodes.

(Leon Cheung) #3198

As requested by R. Lisandro Amado on Youtube, I’ve updated AN Subtitle Importer to v3.3, to make it compatible again with AN 2.0, plus a few new features. Maybe it would be cool when working with Eevee. :slight_smile:

AN_Subtitle_Importer_v3.3.blend (240 KB)

A demo video (older version):

(English is not my native language) #3199

How difficult would it be to recreate “Pixels” movie intro with Animation Nodes?
From 1:45 to 1:52 min:

(Lumpengnom) #3200

Doing that with AN is trivial.